Helpful Tips for Building a Great Restaurant Website

Nowadays, nearly every restaurant has its own website. Considering how much people depend on the Internet of late, it’s a smart and practical move. Every day, customers go online to check out review sites. From books to gadgets, hotels to cars, consumers now have a wealth of sites to browse through before they even make a single purchase. That’s true for restaurants as well. ReviewTrackers said that more than half of customers who searched for a restaurant made a call and about 30 percent of them booked dining reservations.

Customers Active Online

The boost in online activity is further reflected in the way a lot of multi-purpose review sites like Yelp, ZOmato, Zagat and others have sprung up, with many customers using these platforms to log in and air out their complaints or take their praises online. In some cases, bad reviews can affect a restaurant’s business, driving customers—old timers and potential ones—away. That explains the growing need among many restaurant owners to find a way to combat bad reviews.

But what if your restaurant has yet to go online or build an online presence? Then you aren’t even part of the conversation. If you want to stay competitive in today’s restaurant business, you need to improve your exposure. You need access to the market and the easiest way to reach them is online.

Building an Online Presence

However, putting up a site can’t be done in day. Don’t rush it. Your site is an extension of your business. You want it to be just right. But what does right even mean? Here’s Esquire to tell you a few important things:

  • Make it mobile friendly. More and more people are using their mobiles to go online. So don’t drive them away from your site just when they’ve landed on your page. Make your pages mobile friendly to make them stay.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t put too many images on your site. Don’t overwhelm the page with a deluge of content. Your customers have one goal: to eat. So make it easy for them to order their favorite food.
  • Put up your phone and address. A well-built page won’t matter if it can’t help your customers find you.
  • Always update. Don’t create a site and then leave it for ages. Keep it updated so your customers know they can reach you on your site.

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