Currently, people who are in the restaurant business are turning to the latest trend in technology. By choosing to have a website online it will help to attract new diners and increase sales. Perhaps, your website needs updated if so why not hire a professional website designer team to assist you? There is an experienced company that offers restaurant website design for restaurant owners who want to improve the look of their website and bring in new customers.

When you choose to hire a professional design team they will make sure you are not missing out on attracting potential customers to your site.

Get more Customers by Advertising your Restaurant Online

Owning a restaurant can be stressful, but it also can be very rewarding to you when you reach your goal by making a profit. One way to reach your goal and make your restaurant a success is advertising. Hiring a professional restaurant website designer you will be able to reach more customers and increase your income.

You can build a website yourself, but this can become expensive by hiring a professional that knows what they are doing you can save money and focus more on your restaurant outside of the internet. One advantage of hiring a professional web designer team is your concept and restaurant will be exhibited in a clean and attractive manner that helps you promote business. There is always a targeted group that businesses want to reach and by having a quality and detailed website you will be able to get their attention.

Benefits you will Gain by Hiring a Web Designer

When you hire a web designer to help make your website more presentable to customers, you have made a wise decision. Customers will be able to visit your site from a computer, Smartphone, tablet or any source of technology as long as they have an internet connection available.

Even though most people prefer to go out and dine there are still some people who may choose to stay home and order in. Once your website is up and running customers will be able to view your menu, place an order, review their order and select whether they want their food delivered or pick up.

They also have the option of paying for their order online whether it is a credit or debit card. Instead of calling to make a reservation, now customers can do that on your website as well.
The benefit of having a website that allows people to have several options is one way to improve your business, make a profit and bring in more customers.

Do you want to improve your restaurant rankings? Do you have a website for your restaurant set-up, but it needs improvement? Have you thought about adding your menu to your website? This can bring in potential customers and boost your sales.

Online ordering software for restaurants can be purchased by a reputable company that provides positive solutions to all restaurant owners. This new software is a way for customers to browse your menu, select their items, input their order including modifiers to customize their order and pay for their order with the options you offer.

All of this will be done by a customer instead of the staff from your restaurant. No matter how many customers are ordering at the same time, the software system handles any amount of orders without putting them on hold.

Online Software takes your Restaurant to the Next Level

Currently, it has been shown that technology is improving every day and this consists of having the capability of a software program that will increase a restaurants income. By including an online ordering system for your restaurants website, you will improve your customers experience and be able to reach out to current and potential customers that do not want to dine-in.
In addition, when your website has an online menu ordering system you are making it easier for a customer by giving them an opportunity to place an order online and an option of carryout or pickup. When you choose an online ordering system, you will have a couple of choices. You can implement online ordering software for your restaurant or get it built in on a restaurant web design site. No matter which one you select either solution is effective.

Benefits of Online Ordering Software Include the Following:

  • Express Set-Up in as Little as 5 Days
  • Easy Management of your Settings, Prices and Menu
  • Capture Customer Email Addresses for Promotions and Marketing
  • No Commissions from Middleman Order Sites
  • Gain New Customers that can Order Online Via Cell Phones, Tablets and Computers

Online Software System allows you to exceed your Goals

Most restaurant owners are not doing enough to help their website succeed in generating revenue to help their business. When you have an online software system that allows your customers to place orders online, you are taking your restaurants website to a new level. Owning a restaurant is a significant expense, which means you need to do everything you can to make sure you make a profit. Your goal is to achieve a profit each month and by having a website that allows customers to order online you will exceed that goal.

Owning a restaurant is a big responsibility and an investment. You want it to be successful and bring in a lot of income. That is why it is highly important to promote your restaurant so people will know about it.

One way to increase exposure for your restaurant is by building a restaurant website. A person having access to the internet has become the main source for businesses to advertise. If you choose not to take advantage of this kind of advertisement you may find yourself falling behind and your competition getting ahead of you quickly. You can almost instantly gain new customers once you build a restaurant website.

Advantages of a Restaurant Website Design Company

In order for your restaurant to succeed and even become popular, you want to have a professional looking website that will draw in new customers. When you have assistance from a professional web designer team helping you this can happen. When you use a restaurant web design company, you get quality design services that are catered to your exact wants and needs. They will design a website that directly relates to your business using your design style. Everything is left up to your approval, and you can count on the professionals to work closely with you until your site performs exactly how you want it to perform.

What you can expect from a Professional Website Designer

  • Easy Self-Editing of Settings, Menu and Prices
  • Capture Customers Email Addresses for Advertisings and Marketing
  • Accept Table Reservations and Online Orders on your Website
  • No Upfront Fees and Fast Set-Up
  • Mobile-ready for Perfect Viewing on Tablets, Computers and Cell Phones
  • A New Restaurant Website Design to Attract more Customers

Increase your Restaurant sales with a Professional Website

When your current customers realize you have a website up online, it will increase your sales. Most people enjoy being able to view restaurants online to see what they have to offer. With your new website it will attract new customers as well as your existing customers. They will be able to view the menu, place an order, have the option of delivery or carry-out and even make a reservation. Furthermore, when you have a professional company build a restaurant website for you, there is no hassle on your part. Essentially you just input the data you want and the platform will create it for you. If there is something you want changed or do not like, it can be done. Having a beautiful, professional and clean website that targets potential customers makes it easy for you and will help make your business succeed.

The digital age is truly upon us. Sometimes it seems as if you can’t throw a rock without hitting a rock-throwing review site that features star ratings and user comments. Even industries such as hospitality—that are at first glance entirely physical—are increasingly moving into the online marketplace as a means of reaching new customers and expanding their consumer base, which is why if you are a restaurant owner, you need a well-designed website. Having a great web presence in the current market can boost your numbers, increase customer loyalty, and establish you as a force to be reckoned with on the restaurant scene. But your site absolutely must be creative, engaging, and extremely user-friendly. Gone are the days of simple flash sites with a menu and a few paragraphs of text explaining the origins of your special pizza recipe. Today’s restaurant enthusiasts demand more from their restaurant websites, and you need the best web design that you can get to appeal to an increasingly fickle market.

What We Do

Fortunately, at Restaurant eSolutions, we take great pride in providing specialized restaurant websites to establishments of all shapes and sizes. We know that your restaurant is as unique as you are, and designing a website for a restaurant needs to capture the je ne sais quois of your establishment—even if you don’t serve French cuisine. We have years of experience designing websites for restaurants and specifically cater to the needs of the hospitality industry. For example, we’ve analyzed trends and concluded that most consumers, particularly those visiting unfamiliar towns and territories, search for restaurants on their mobile devices. That’s why we make sure our web design is mobile-friendly and capable of attracting those transient customers who add so much to your bottom line. Having a mobile-friendly site attracts a far wider range of customers than one that only works well on a PC, which is just one of the special features that makes Restaurant eSolutions an industry leader in building a website for a restaurant.

User Engagement

We’re extremely proud of our user engagement features as well. With our innovative, aesthetically pleasing web design, we allow your loyal customers not only to book their reservations on your site, but to order as well. You shouldn’t miss out on customer dollars because you were too busy with your existing customers to answer a phone call about a reservation. With online reservation booking, that’s a thing of the past. Similarly, your customers will be able to order from your menu online, so if you offer takeaway and delivery services, you’ll be able to provide for hungry people on the go as well as those who love to sit down over a luxurious, indulgent meal.

Remember the last time you found yourself hungry in an unfamiliar place? Prior to the advent of the Internet, you simply had to drive (or walk) around looking for somewhere that looked welcoming enough to satisfy you, or ask the advice of locals—a challenge when you didn’t speak the local language. Today, you can simply look for the sort of fare in the area in which you find yourself. Thanks to the ever-increasing prevalence of mobile technology, countless restaurant customers find their next meals online, which is why it’s never been more important for you as a restaurant owner to have a great web presence that communicates your mission and conveys everything that’s great about your establishment.

Specialized Professionals

When you’re looking to create a restaurant website, it’s always best to consult the services of specialized professionals. At Restaurant eSolutions, we take enormous pride in providing exemplary results to our clients, as we specialize in designing mobile-friendly sites for a variety of restaurants. If you had a plumbing leak, you’d call in a plumber. When you need your kitchen inspected for safety, you hire a kitchen safety consultant. When you want to create a restaurant website, you don’t just want any old web designer—you want specialists like us, with years of experience in the industry, to help establish your online presence. We’ll look at the type of restaurant you’re offering and create a design that communicates the authenticity of your establishment. Are you a rustic takeaway, a fine dining establishment, or somewhere in between? Your website should convey that. If you’re a family restaurant, we’ll take that into account with our web design and heavily feature how great your space is for those with children. On the other hand, if you’re more of a high-end romantic setting, we’ll create a restaurant website that communicates the intimacy and luxury of your restaurant. The key here is to be authentic to your mission and atmosphere while remaining user-friendly and attractive to potential customers. Having a website that authentically represents what you do is the best way to attract the customers you want, and to build loyalty among those who live for the kind of service you provide.

Online Order Hosting

One of the newer trends in restaurant web design is the inclusion of online order hosting, which we’re proud to feature as standard practice when we’re creating websites for restaurants. Many customers love to order their food from your website, either for delivery—in which case we’ll include a feature for easy, secure online payment—or to set a meal in advance so you know exactly what to prepare for them upon their arrival. Not only do we create these engaging, user-attracting features for your website, but we’ll create online reservation pages for those people who need to make reservations but don’t have the time to make a phone call. You’ll never miss out on reservations—which typically spend more than walk-ins—due to being too busy to answer the phone again with our handy online reservation booking tool.

Once upon a time, as an entrepreneur in the field of hospitality, you could get by on simply having great food and a loyal customer base. Roadside diners in the United States made their trade on word of mouth, thanks to truckers who traversed the roads across that vast, wide continent—and simple takeaway shops in the United Kingdom once thrived on the backs of hungry workers who wanted a simple meal of fish and chips.

Today, however, if you want your restaurant to stand out from the pack, you need a well-designed, professional-looking website to ensure that you have a presence in the digital marketplace. To achieve this, you’d best consult us at Restaurant eSolutions, a competitive, professional restaurant website design company that helps out countless restaurants when it comes to designing their online presence.

The Key Is Having a Web Presence

These days, if you don’t exist online, you may as well not exist at all. When hungry people are looking for food in your town, they don’t ask locals or friends – they consult their phones or computers. For this reason, you need to make sure that your restaurant has a presence online. After all, you don’t want them to miss out on your delicious food and exemplary service, do you? The key to having a great online presence is a well-designed, creative website that communicates your mission and is easy for visitors to navigate. While you could do this yourself, acquiring the array of skills necessary to put together a great website takes years, which is why we started Restaurant eSolutions, a restaurant website design company with the ultimate goal of helping hard-working restaurant owners get their foot in the door of the online marketplace.

Exemplary, Experienced Service

With years of experience in marketing and web design, we take every client’s needs seriously and specialize in designing user-friendly, engaging websites for restaurants of all types. We’re a professional, dedicated restaurant website design company and we’re constantly staying on top of trends and user behaviors in the continual pursuit of web design excellence. For example, did you know that the vast majority of people looking for their next restaurant do so on their mobile devices? It’s rare for people on the go to plan their eating habits before heading out, which is why it’s imperative that your website is mobile-friendly. Think about the last time you were visiting a foreign city, or passing through an unfamiliar town. You probably looked up the kind of food you wanted on the Internet to discover what options were available to you at the time. That’s common practice among thousands of mobile users, and you want your site to be as welcoming as possible to attract the transient trade that is so valuable to up-and-coming restaurants.

Nowadays, nearly every restaurant has its own website. Considering how much people depend on the Internet of late, it’s a smart and practical move. Every day, customers go online to check out review sites. From books to gadgets, hotels to cars, consumers now have a wealth of sites to browse through before they even make a single purchase. That’s true for restaurants as well. ReviewTrackers said that more than half of customers who searched for a restaurant made a call and about 30 percent of them booked dining reservations.

Customers Active Online

The boost in online activity is further reflected in the way a lot of multi-purpose review sites like Yelp, ZOmato, Zagat and others have sprung up, with many customers using these platforms to log in and air out their complaints or take their praises online. In some cases, bad reviews can affect a restaurant’s business, driving customers—old timers and potential ones—away. That explains the growing need among many restaurant owners to find a way to combat bad reviews.

But what if your restaurant has yet to go online or build an online presence? Then you aren’t even part of the conversation. If you want to stay competitive in today’s restaurant business, you need to improve your exposure. You need access to the market and the easiest way to reach them is online.

Building an Online Presence

However, putting up a site can’t be done in day. Don’t rush it. Your site is an extension of your business. You want it to be just right. But what does right even mean? Here’s Esquire to tell you a few important things:

  • Make it mobile friendly. More and more people are using their mobiles to go online. So don’t drive them away from your site just when they’ve landed on your page. Make your pages mobile friendly to make them stay.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t put too many images on your site. Don’t overwhelm the page with a deluge of content. Your customers have one goal: to eat. So make it easy for them to order their favorite food.
  • Put up your phone and address. A well-built page won’t matter if it can’t help your customers find you.
  • Always update. Don’t create a site and then leave it for ages. Keep it updated so your customers know they can reach you on your site.

Ready to get started? To book the services of a restaurant website design company that understands your needs, get in touch with us today.

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It’s getting harder to reach customers. In the past, all you needed was a sign, a few meals on the menu, and people would flock to your place. Now, there are burger joints, family diners, and fancy dining places nearly everywhere. It’s a tough time to be an old family restaurant trying to survive. It’s even tougher if you’re new to the business. Suddenly, going out on your own doesn’t seem like such a good idea anymore. That is, you understand how the new market works.

Understanding the Market

The internet has made it possible for us to reach people everywhere. As a restaurant owner, that’s a great platform to take advantage of. Suddenly, instead of having 45 plus customers in a single town, you now have tourists coming in from other states, ones who’ve found your site, browsed through your menu, and liked what they saw. That’s how it works. You’ve managed to get their attention. You’ve stood out from the rest—or in the words or marketing guru Seth Godin, you’ve become a Purple Cow.

Building a Site

But before that happens, you’ve got to meet your new customers, that new market, halfway. How? Get onto the platform. The first step? Building a website—yours. Don’t think that getting online will solve all your problems, though. That’s only the beginning. Now, you’ve got to build a site. And it can’t be like any other site. It has to be yours—uniquely, truly yours. One that’s alive with the vibe, flavor, and taste of your special salsa sauce. One that’s as heart-stopping as your lasagna. That’s because it’s got to reflect your business, your food, and your people.

Why That Matters

There are about a hundred sites on the Internet. Doing the same thing you are. Marketing to the same people. Cooking the same food. If you don’t stand out, your customers—the people who’ll love your food and service—won’t ever find you. And how do you stand out? By offering something not everyone else is. Quality. Heart. Service. That’s the kind of service you’ve got to offer to get noticed by your market. And that’s exactly the kind of vibe you want for your site as well. So if you’re looking for a team to design your site, look no further. We’ve got you covered. At Restaurant eSolutions, we don’t just build a website for a restaurant. We build a website brings your restaurant alive, in all the ways that matter. Want to know more? Call us.

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If you are a restaurant owner, you are probably well aware of the impact that a website can have on the success of your business. More than ever, consumers are searching for and making eating decisions based off reviews and restaurant websites.

But is just having a website enough in today’s economy? Probably not.

Here is a look at three of the main reasons responsive web design for restaurants is vital to the future success of your business:


In today’s world, convenience rules the day when it comes to consumers making purchasing decisions. This is no different in the restaurant industry. If someone is sitting at home thinking about what they want to eat, they certainly do not want to have to spend 30 minutes to an hour figuring it out. Instead, they would much rather be able to pinpoint where they want to order from and what they want within a few minutes.

Having a responsive web design allows you to do this. You can easily set up a website that allows consumers to make online orders, set table reservations, and enter their credit card for quick payment. Consumers want convenience and if you cannot deliver it, they will be more than happy to order from a more convenient competitor.


Not having a responsive web design can also be a reflection of a lack of professionalism to a lot of consumers. Your website serves as a second storefront for your business and ignoring this can lead potential customers to jump to conclusions about your professionalism.

Local SEO

Having a responsive web design for your restaurant sets you up to rank much higher in the local SEO searches, which is vitally important to your success. Local SEO currently rules the restaurant industry when it comes to digital marketing and having a well designed website that is SEO optimized can certainly help you get a leg up on your competition in this aspect.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, responsive web design is imperative to compete with other local restaurants over the long term. While it may be an opportunity to get a leg up on the competition today, there will likely come a time when restaurants that do not commit to it will be left in the dust. Professional design companies like Restaurant eSolutions specialize in responsive web design for restaurants that can help you get the edge on your competition.

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Restaurant eSolutions specializes in responsive web design for restaurants that helps business owners get a leg up on their competition. Be sure to get in touch with them for a consultation about their services.

Local SEO has been emphasized heavily in the restaurant industry in recent years. As review sites and mobile search have begun to take over, allowing potential customers to quickly find you are vital to both your short and long term success.

Here are three reasons you need to have a local SEO optimized website for your restaurant:

Mobile Search Growth

As mobile search grows, the need to have a local SEO optimized website grows with it. Consumers want to have the ability to make snap decisions about just about everything, including what they are eating for lunch or dinner. What could possibly be faster than doing a quick Google search for Chinese food on your phone, finding a well reviewed restaurant at the top of the search rankings, and ordering right from your phone?

Easy to Find

If your physical restaurant is the only storefront that you have, your potential for reaching customers will be extremely limited. While you probably have several regulars that are already aware of your restaurant, growth is only possible if more people are able to find it. Working to create restaurant website that is optimized for local SEO will help ensure that you are being seen both physically and digitally, which can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Short Attention Spans

Consumers today have shorter attention spans than they ever have. In fact, studies have shown that the average attention span of consumers fell from 12 seconds to 8 seconds between 2008 and 2012. It is probably safe to say that number has shrunk even further since then. So, how can you use these short attention spans to your advantage?

Create restaurant website that is featured on the top pages of search engines for both desktop and mobile search. This gives you the ability to offer the ultimate convenience to your customer, something that can be a win-win for both the restaurant and the consumer.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, creating a restaurant website that is optimized for local SEO has the opportunity to set you apart from your competitors in an ultra-competitive restaurant industry. Web design companies like Restaurant eSolutions can help you create restaurant website that helps your business shine in the search engines.

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Restaurant eSolutions can help you create restaurant website that is optimized for local SEO. Get in contact with them today for more detailed information about their design services.